treadmillI was thinking about this today when I wrapped up my workout at Orange Theory Fitness.  For the cardio portion of the workout, the trainer (Nicole) pushed us, hard. On the final leg of our 25-minute cardio circuit, we were challenged to go one minute at our highest incline, fastest speed. That’s a challenge! Let me give you a little background… I’ve never played an organized sport in my life. I’ve never been “benched” or been tempted to quit. Conversely, I’ve never experienced the euphoria of a team-victory on a court, field or track.  So that’s why none of my blog illustrations are compared to athletics. LOL! Back to today…during this challenge, Nicole came to us, and just when I was about to say “forget it” and go to a casual walk, she said, “Come on, Heather, you got this!”  And with that, I kept going. Hitting an incline and speed I’ve never tried before, and never thought I could attain.  I just want to encourage us to be encouragers. It doesn’t require a 30-minute dissertation. In Nicole’s case, it was 6 words.  The bible says, “Encourage each other.” Life’s hard, so there is ALWAYS someone to encourage. Let’s be that someone to somebody.

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