deep-ocean-larvae-hitch-ride-powerful-eddies_284In my quiet time, I’m reading the “minor prophets” like Jonah. Today I read Jonah 2 and I had never noticed this before. In verse seven, the bible says, “As my life was slipping away, I remembered the Lord.
And my earnest prayer went out to you in your holy Temple.” Jonah thought he was dying. He had been thrown off the side of a boat in a torrential storm. The waves were consuming him, he was drowning. And in (what he thought) his final moments, he prayed to the Lord. You know the rest of the story…The Lord saved him, and Jonah went on to reach an entire city. This is a beautiful story of redemption! If you, like me, like Jonah, have cried out to God in (what you thought) your final moments, it wasn’t in vain. God heard you. God hears us. Every time. And if He is still writing additional chapters to your story, He will not only hear you, He will help you. I hope this encourages someone, somewhere, to KEEP praying. As long as you are breathing, you keep praying. God’s hearing you!

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