tdd_5305-1When Raul and I dated, more thought it wouldn’t work, than would. Raul was a principled, intentional Christian; I was everything the opposite. Raul knew what he wanted. I DIDN’T know what I wanted. Raul wanted a relationship; I wanted something less-defined. Raul wanted me to stop cussing; I wanted him to START cussing. Raul knew boundaries; I knew how to cross them. They say opposites attract. But when we were dating we had to ask, “Do extremes?!” You know the saying: it’s complicated! When you think about it, so is porcupine mating. Porcupine mating has got to be complicated because it’s unapproachable, awkward and uncomfortable. Whatever our dating-status, if we O-bey God, it will be O-kay. God’s best comes from obedience. Sometimes that means holding on to that porcupine, despite the complications. Sometimes, it means letting go and trusting God that has another. Sometimes it means learning “to be content in all circumstances,” and find a good life as a solo-porcupine.  But it comes down to seeking what God wants, being patient as he answers, and obeying when He does.  It’s never steered an obedient porcupine, wrong.

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