IMG_6524Yesterday, I needed a paperclip, so I went scrummaging through our junk drawer. Do you have a junk drawer? That place where junk goes, and junk often can’t be found (I never did find a paperclip). But I’m fond of our junk drawer. I’d never be so anal that I’d make our family get rid of it. In our home, we need a place to put that stuff that has no place. [get ready for a metaphor] God’s like that, you know. God sent His son Jesus to Earth, a proverbial junk drawer, where people would toss his holiness aside, where they’d disregard him,  because they didn’t know what to do with Him.  They say, “God doesn’t make no junk.” Sometimes, I feel like God does. I’ve been junk. I’ve been tossed aside because others didn’t know what to do with me.  So maybe, occasionally, God does make junk. But maybe He does to powerfully display what He can do with it. They killed Jesus, they didn’t just throw him in a junk-drawer, they threw his dead body in a grave. But boy did God display His power when Jesus came back as a death-defeating, forever-living, totally-reigning Savior. Who lives in my heart, and if He lives in yours, is using His power to transform us just the same.

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