IMG_6681It means so much to me that Raul Palacios looks out for our “outside-home,” making sure it’s decked with flowers. I love flowers. I’m not good at growing flowers, but I love them so much. When I see a flower bloom, I think of how much joy it must have brought Adam in the Garden to see ALL the perfect blooms all around him. Raul isn’t a good flower-grower either, nor does he share my affinity for flower-life. But he gets it that it means a lot to me. When we first moved to ‪#‎CoralSprings‬, we didn’t have an “outside home.” Raul worked hard with our flower-guy to create one. Today, we have magnolias, bouganviellas, hibiscus and Frangipani’s all in bloom! I can’t wait for the gardenia to come in. So why flowers? Because they are the antithesis of the dark places my mind can live in. Alot of people see “lit-up Heather,” but only a few see “dark Heather.” On certain days, my mind can go to acutely dark places. I have *learned* to give it life! One way is to go to my backyard and look at life in the flowers. Flowers are small tokens of bright, approachable, pigmented, fragrant signs of life that God put so much thought into. For me, they’re some of the best antidotes to dark days! Just like the flowers have encouraged me, I hope this 1-minute post encouraged you.

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