The-Things-I-Am-Thankful-For-A-Special-Needs-Thanks-GivingIt was about ten years ago when I started journaling things I’m thankful for. If I remember correctly, it was one of Oprah’s shows that inspired it.  And way before Oprah, God inspired Paul to write it in his letter to the Thessalonians: “give thanks in all circumstances;”  Here, God exhorts us to give thanks in ALL circumstances. In other words, not just on Thanksgiving Day. When you’re hurting, give thanks. When you’re lonely, give thanks. When you’re sick, give thanks. When you’re rejected, dejected, accepted, undetected, give thanks. There is never a season when we should not give thanks. Becauase with God, there is always something to be thankful for. I never assign blog-homework, but if you’d give me one exception, I’d like to!  Take your age, and use that as your quantity to list the things you’re thankful for.  Don’t have a journal? Go old-school and get a piece of paper and pen. I’m 41, here goes it:  1) Jesus 2) amazing grace 3) Raul 4) DJ 5) Andy 6) Church by the Glades 7) Pastor David and Lisa 8) my parent’s 42-year marriage 9) Otis 10) Chris in rehab 11) our home 12) the blooming magnolias 13) my therapist 14) my psychiatrist 15) the Bible 16) old friends 17) new friends 18) no pneumonia bouts 19) running water 20) running vehicle 21) Funk and Palacios family  22) Leading and Loving It 23) gym membership 24) Starbucks with DJ this morn 25) Andy’s grade improving 26) A/C 27) the ocean 28) the sun 28) flowers 29) mental health awareness 30) book I just finished 31) book I just started 32) coconut 33) freedom of religion 34) freedom of speech 35) ‘Merica 36) answered prayers 37) unanswered prayers 38) journals 39) people who adopt 40) Celebrate Recovery 41) heaven

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