130428-Vengeance-is-Mine-Says-the-Lord-600x450When someone intentionally hurts me–after I stop hurting–it’s my time to fight back, right? Surely, God knows my motive to “teach them” is pure, right? Wrong. We can all find ways to justify revenge. Just one problem…it’s not our job. It may FEEL like our job, but by the FACT of God’s word, it’s not. Simply put, God said, ” Vengeance is Mine, I will repay.” A few years ago, I had to decide if I was going to trust this or not. I had someone deliberatly do something wrong to me, that also hurt my family. After praying and seeking counsel, I decided: if I sought revenge (which, mind you, is different than seeking justice), I had to be OK with elongating the pain. My choice of revenge was going to take it out of God’s hands and put it in mine. The problem was that my hands weren’t made to hold revenge. I would elongate the pain by now choosing to carry something too big to carry, in time and burden. It left me wrestling with one question, “Is it worth it?” I decided it wasn’t. Interestingly enough, I did learn how to pray for that person. In a weird way, forgiving was winning. See, they hurt me once, but I could pray for them a thousand times! Their deliberate act mighta meant they could write me off. But I was just getting started writing them ONTO my prayer journal! Today, I still can’t profess that I have this all together. But I hope that what I did learn will help or encourage one of you reading this.

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