W3jlf45459252s Love is often spelled “t-i-m-e.”  When I think of how much God loves, I can tie much of his love to time: the time God put into creating the universe; the time God put into creating me, the time and time again God has extended his protection, grace, mercy, healing and comfort to me when I didn’t deserve it.  God makes time for us because he loves us. When you read about God in his Word, you learn that God’s time is not momentary, it is never-ending: He HAS loved, IS loving and WILL continue to love you…time after time after time. If “love” is spelled “t-i-m-e,” how much of it are we giving God?  Someone once said, ‘Today, if I give God five minutes of my time, is that how much I want him to give me?” I know we are busy, but I hope we are making time for the One who provided us a life to be busy with.

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