This is not a post about the major event that blows up our lives. This is not about a crisimageis that takes us by surprise. This is about those moments when a lot of little-bad things happen at once. In Mark 4, there are a group of guys who just have a lot of little-bad things happen: it had been a long day, it’s night, and it’s safe to assume they’re tired (Mark 4:1-35); their boss gives them one last task (Mark 4:35), unexpected horrible weather interferes (Mark 4:37); the effects of the unexpected storm cause damage (Mark 4:37b), their only source of help, Jesus, is sleeping (Mark 4:38) and the oh-so-common human emotions of fear, stress and frustration kick in (Mark 4:38). What’s funny, is I used to think it was only a “girl” problem, i.e. “drama.” But in this text, it’s all guys! So these “lots-of-little-bad-things” know no bias. So what do we do? Therein lies the problem. Because WE can’t do anything, all at once. WE didn’t know it was all gonna go down like this, WE don’t have all the resources and mental wherewithal to handle it, and in our humanness, WE start to doubt we can! Enter, Jesus. In these kinds of moments, Jesus knew, knows and will know how it works out. He is the ONE BEST thing in those “lots of little bad things.” I had one of these days recently. And I found myself going to the bathroom several times to pray, “Jesus, take control, give me a deep breath to keep going.” Now I didn’t have a “POOF” moment where all the little-bad things vanished. But I did feel Jesus fill me up with deep, fresh air and give me peace in my belly to take it ALL on, WITH Him, one little bad thing at a time. I’ll end with what Jesus said in Mark 4, “‘Quiet! Be still!’ Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.” That same Jesus can calm you and your moment, too. You got this.

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