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As Jesus hung on the cross, He allowed the last minutes of his life to be interrupted because the person hanging on the cross next to Him, needed Him. The authorities called this person a criminal. God would call this person his child. And since God sent his Jesus to seek and save lost children, the last moments of His life were interrupted to save one more, on a cross next to Him. On the cross, Jesus was in physical, mental and spiritual hell–-understandable, his focus could have been on himself. But it wasn’t. We have the opportunity to be interrupted every day. We run errands and pass a homeless person. We order coffee and stand by others waiting for theirs. We accept a package from the UPS guy who we could invite to church. We’re on our iPhone and our child wants to climb in our lap. So much to do every day, and in that, so much opportunity for interruption. The bible says we are made in the image of Christ–so we are like Him when we allow interruptions. If I get annoyed about being interrupted, I need only to remember Jesus was interrupted in Heaven, to be born on Earth. And He would have done it for me, if I were the only one on Earth to do it for.

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