imageOver the years, I’ve become a student of our organ, the brain, as I’ve sought ways to take care of mine. Here are 5 things I recommend:
1. Carry around a small notepad and jot verses in it that speak to you. Reference it, memorize it, say it aloud–this will keep your mind in good shape. (if you want my top ten “mind” verses, email me at
2. Read “Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer; “Thinking for a Change” by John Maxwell; “Who Switched off my Brain” by Dr. Caroline Leaf. Also, engage in Crossword Puzzles, or apps like “Words with Friends.” Using your brain for other things than mental illness keeps it OFF that diagnosis and ON good things!
3. Cry. Yes, cry. When I’ve battled serious bouts of depression, I am so thankful I didn’t force to stay in what God created to come out. Find a quiet corner, and cry. Tears clean the windshield of the soul and clear the slate of your mind.
4. If you are having a hard time falling asleep because you are worrying, fall asleep praying. Intentionally lay there and talk to God. This does 3 things: helps you sleep, empties your mind of worry, gives God the chance to carry it.
5. Walk or Run…OUTSIDE. This is AMAZING therapy and it’s FREE. Sometimes, listen to worship music under God’s sun as you walk or run. But, sometimes, listen to nothing and be content with His “still small voice.”
I hope this encourages someone today!

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