image“Wounds from a friend can be trusted” Proverbs 27:6

It’s good to have a fearless friend. Like the Proverb says, a wound from a friend can be trusted. Even if that “wound” comes in the shape of them bursting your fear bubbles. My friend Monique is fearless. She hunts, fishes, dives, shoots, with tenacity! Her adventurous wiring has created her fearless womanhood. I’m not like her at all. I may be crazy but I’m not adventurous. Until recently when Monique invited me to “hang” for the day. I shoulda known better than to naively say yes without having something in writing that would ensure it wouldn’t involve “adventures.” But it did. You see, when you can get someone on a boat, you can get them to try anything (conquer fears) because where they gonna go?! The “wounds of a friend” Monique gave me was to “get over myself” (ouch!) “practice what I preach about courage” (ouch! Ouch!) get in that ocean water and snorkel! So? I did. And I actually enjoyed it. And if it wasn’t for a fearless friend, I never would have tried. #LessonLearned

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