IMG_8080In a counseling session, I had a revelation that made the session worth it.  We were talking about fighting vs. fleeing. We traveled the chapters of my life, of the times I fought and fled. Fleeing was easy in the moment, brutal in the long run. Fighting was brutal in the moment, easier in the long run.  When I looked at the totality of the times I had fought (for marriage, mental health, ministry dreams) I started to get emotional.  Look,  I don’t want to say I’m proud of the times I fought, because pride isn’t what I did it for.  But I am thankful. I am thankful I fought. I am thankful that when the enemy shouted, “Give up,” “Why waste your time?” and “They’d understand if you gave up,” that God helped me hear HIM even louder.  God promises that trials produce CHARACTER. God promises that his JOY is our strength. God promises that I (and you) are MORE than a conqueror! That one really motivates me! I can’t imagine what is “more” than a conqueror? A hero? Because if more than a conqueror means I’m a hero of my faith, then DJ and Andy aren’t just being raised by a mom, they’re being raised by a hero with a badge that says: more than a conquering mom. I don’t know where you are, but before you flee, just try one thing: get on your knees, and ask God, “should I fight?”

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