We get dumped, fired, or benched. For most of us, there will be a time when we get taken down like that, and it won’t be our choice. But giving up doesn’t have to be our option. When God created us, He created us with an intricate wiring system that gets activated when we get taken down. This wiring has fibers of resolve, tenacity, fortitude and fight. I’ve seen this in my life, the lives of people around me and most importantly, the life of Jesus. Around A.D. 30, Jesus was physically, relationally, socially and emotionally dumped, fired AND benched. But staying down wasn’t his option! And 2000 years later, He is STILL on his throne even though he got fiercely taken out. If you have a heart and Jesus is in it, you can tap into the same wiring He did, because you have it, and you have Him. That intriciate wiring flows from the deepest cavity of your soul – where no one can take it, not even the ones who took you out. Maybe being taken out wasn’t your choice. But giving up doesn’t have to be your option! I hope this encourages someone today.

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