imageThere’s a 2nd grader named Christian who got called by Today Show’s Matt Lauer as his “new favorite kid.” Christian felt bad for kids in his class who had no one to play with on the playground, so he asked his principal to help him make a buddy bench. “The way the buddy bench works is if a student feels lonely on the playground without anything to do, they can go to the buddy bench, and another student will come to the bench and ask if they want to play or talk.” LOVE!  In Ecclesiastes 4:9, it says, “Two are better off than one.” Christian might not have known he was living out a response God has put in all of us: to not do life alone. But no doubt, God smiled when he did this.  If God has always existed in a community of three (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) and if in the beginning, God created a friend for Adam, and if Solomon exhorted that “two are better than one,” 4,000 years ago, it makes a pretty solid case that we need each other. This week, my prayer is for people who feel lonely. I know the Buddy Bench is for kids, but it could also be for adults.  I pray that lonely people are greeted by friendly people and that wherever they take a seat, God brings a buddy to their proverbial bench.

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