Love is a very interesting thing. It has so many facets. Over the years, I’ve had a handful of bold people who Facebook messaged me to express their lack of love for me! If I zoom out on the collective messages, the one conclusion I’ve come to is they don’t like me, but they don’t know me! I battle iimagen private, things I can’t necessarily reveal in public. So I’m learning to not shun people who dislike the “me” they only see in public. It’s simply part of life. People shunned Jesus IN public and they shunned Him because of WHO He was in public. They didn’t know that in private, he was praying for them, and getting ready to die for them. One thing I’ve learned is who people are in public isn’t necessarily indicative of what they’re dealing with in private and Jesus would say “love them.” I believe he exhorted us to love ourselves, love our neighbors, love our enemies. In my summation, that would mean loving people we only know in public.

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