IMG_0241God’s name is a place of protection—good people can run there and be safe.”  

My favorite hospital is the Church. The world is sick. God is its Healer. But God’s Church is its hospital. I can testify.  When I got tired of running to futile places to help me, I ran to the church. It was in 1997. I  remember it like it was yesterday. The Church was unlike anything I had ever run to before. The Church was a place of acceptance, not rejection. A place of healing, not injury. A place of purposefulness, not pointlessness. A place of pride, not regret. Every weekend, people show up to Church by the Glades, hurt, infected, assaulted, addicted, or afflicted; and our Hospital is staffed, equipped and ready to assist them. There are places in this world that are just for somebodies, but God’s Hospital is for everybody. If you are hurting, I hope you know Him. I also hope you have a Hospital you can run to and be safe.  If you aren’t near my hospital, Church by the Glades, email me, let’s find you one!

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