W3jlf45459252sLately, I’ve been marinating on this verse in Romans, “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” I’ve heard people surmise that the operative word in this verse is “peace.” That’s valid. But it’s not the operative word to me. To me, it’s “everyone.” Do everything I can to live at peace with everyone. Who’s everyone? The family I live with, the friends I socialize with, the family I come from, the neighbors I live by, the strangers I run into, the people I work with, the people I worship with, the people I do business with. Live at peace with them. And to live at peace with everyone, means I have to make changes on MY side because God’s saying this verse TO me.  Ownership is understood, here. And with ownership of this command, comes responsibility.  How can I live at peace with everyone? I can’t. Enter God. God can do anything. And if God lives in my heart, God is in my impossibilities. THROUGH me, He can live at peace with everyone…even enemies.  Let God move peace through you. Don’t let it depend on you.  Move out of the way and let God’s peace flow through you so much that you overflow it. That you and I would take enough ownership in this, that we can look at ourselves and say, “Self, get out of the way, cause God’s peace is a’comin!”  Lastly, in this verse, God’s like, “if it’s possible…” So He gets it.  There may be a time where it will not work out to be at peace with someone.  But if we do our part (get out of the way) and let God do His part (fill us with peace), I think we will find ourselves more at peace with ourselves because we are living more at peace with others.

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