I’d like to propose a difference: resting is not the same thing as quitting. Resting is temporary, quitting is permanent. Resting is godly, quitting (if it’s not God’s will) is not.  Resting keeps you from rusting. Quitting is rusting. Resting helps you not quit! But quitting doesn’t help you not rest. Resting is not regretful, qIMG_2358uitting can be. I think we can get deceived that resting will mean “I am quitting,” or “I am weak.” But this is a lie the devil is trying to sell you from the clearance section in hell. GOD rested on the seventh day. JESUS got away in the mornings and rested in the Father. I get a lot of things wrong. But one thing I can stand behind is I find time to rest. After I was found in a bloody, psychotic mess in a parking lot, and locked up for it, I told God I will do whatever HE needs so that NEVER happens again. And a big part of it not happening again is is my conviction to rest. We CAN tell people no. We can build margin into our lives. There is no way God wants us to run so hard we go crazy.  Because God needs us! But we need to rest so He can use us! As a new week begins, I hope you enjoy it…and find time to rest in it.

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