HP-PhotoI carried around this one regret for far too long. It was a stupid thing I did in my 20s. After finding my way back to God, I could forgive myself for the small sins, but this one? No way. It was a BIG sin. In my estimation, worthy of 5-10 years of carrying it on my back. And it was heavy. But  then, I read this: “He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west.” The point? The east and the west never intersect. In other words, it’s an impossible act. And so it is with God. It is IMPOSSIBLE for Him to hold onto our sin. It just doesn’t happen. When we screw up, we go to God in prayer and we ask for forgiveness because Jesus already paid the price for it. Then, we throw out the sin with the garbage. And garbage does not find its way back into a house.  I hope this encourages someone to stop hoarding what needs to be tossed. And that, IN Christ, you CAN stand up straighter because WITH Him, you are no longer weighed down.

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