One time I heard Julie Richard say the only secret we should have in our marriages is a surprise birthday party! That is SO good! But even if we aren’t married, we can have a secret we are keeping. And not the surprise-birthday-party kind. The kind I’m talking about will keep you up at night. It will preoccupy your conscience during the day. This kind of secret can make you feel “yucky” on the inside. Something won’t feel right in your heart or gut. This kind of secret has a way of whispering, “you can fix this yourself.” When in reality, God’s saying we need Him (and others) to help us with it. A secret is kept in the dark–but confession ushers us into light. God is light. And light is good because God is good. The antidote to a secret is a confession. Will there be consequence with a confession? Probably. But the blessing of turning a secret into a confession is turning ourselves over to God and God eradicating the prison the secret built around us. The “yucky” starts to go away. The restlessness returns to rest. It’s no longer being hostage to Satan–but kicking him where it counts because you chose light. If there’s a secret that needs to be confessed, there is a freedom awaiting on the other side. I hope this encourages someone today.

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