Have you ever wanted to give up on parenting, spousing, leading or serving? Do you know what God says? “Blessed is a man who perseveres under trial,” (James 1:12) “Persevere, dad, when you can’t process one more thought.” “Persevere, mom, when the toddler is making you scream.” “Persevere, husband, when you don’t feel like loving her.” “Persevere, wife, when he is never home.” “Persevere, leader, when your team isn’t getting it.” “Persevere, servant, when you’re killing it but nobody’s noticing.” Persevere! GOD declares that when you do…you will be blessed! One of my favorite quotes is, “By perseverance the snail reached the ark.” (Charles Spurgeon). Through every parenting, spousing, working day, you scoot! Even if it’s one slow & wobbly scoot. Because with each scoot, the snail DID get closer to the ark. And with every scoot, you get closer to your blessing. And dad, that thought you couldn’t process? Was replaced by a comforting notion that God loves you. And mom, the toddler who made you scream? Made you melt when he only wanted to be held by you. And husband, when you didn’t feel like loving her? Your feeling to love was replaced with your action to show it. And wife, to the husband who is never home? Comes home one day, broken, only wanting you. And to the leader whose team isn’t getting it? One day, their lightbulb goes off & they blow you away. And servant, your service that’s gone unacknowledged? Is getting a standing ovation by thousands of angels in Heaven. Friend, be the snail. Persevere. Scoot. And be blessed!image

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