photoI’ve loved an addict for many years now. The interesting thing about loving an addict, is what you learn…about yourself.  The up’s and down’s of an addict are erratic, tiring and sometimes dangerous. To watch such hell from afar, makes an interesting case. To watch up close and personal has the potential to change you in a beautiful way.  Recently, my addicted loved-one fell yet again. But from my VIP vantage point, I got to watch him get back up. He fell…but he didn’t stay there. He screwed up, but he got up.  Not all addicts do this. Not all non-addicts do either. Prayerfully and intimately watching my loved one has reinforced a concrete foundation within myself to never give up. Screw up? Yes. Give up? No. I know many who have screwed up and given up. My heart breaks a thousand ways for them. When we screw up but don’t give up, we are getting up like a certain One who got back up after being “permanently” taken out. And last time I checked, He was doing eternally awesome! If you have an addicted loved-one, and you’ve run out of things to say…pray. Pray for them to not give up; and look for a beautiful change to take place within you.

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