imageWe don’t need sweet-nothing’s and pithy accolades to make it. But we do need encouragement. In Hebrews 3:13, the bible says: “You must encourage one another each day.” Did you catch that? EACH DAY. Raul and I are blessed to see this each day in Pastor David and Lisa. What does it look like? Imagine driving on a turnpike and getting a flat tire. And before you beckon for help, there are two people already waiting there with air to pump your tire and get you back on your way. That’s the power of encouragement–it’s turning a hole into a whole; something wobbly into something steady; something stuck on the side of the road into something that can return to the fast lane. That’s what pastors like David and Lisa have done for Raul and I. And it’s an eternally changing thing. Life is hard, God is good, and encouragement is its catalyst. Be an encourager. Let God use you to get others back on the road again. And side-note, if you are feeling DIScouraged, one way to counteract that is to ENcourage others. If you are discouraged that you are single, or jobless but you encourage someone who is dying of cancer or homeless-–in a way only God can maneuver, you’ll be encouraged, too. I hope this encourages someone today! 🙂

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