IMG_2156So God’s got a sense of humor giving me this idea at 5am! But just wanted to offer what I’ve learned over the years about how to be happy, sick. Which I realize sounds contradictory, but it’s not! I’ve learned we have a choice with our joy: we can choose it or lose it. And that same choice applies when we are sick. Remember, Paul was in prison, in shackles, with open wounds, starving (i.e. sick) and he chose to sing happy songs! Here are 5 things…

1)  Smile even when it hurts.  We are sick on the inside, sick on the outside, but our smile rarely gets sick. So keep it on, as best you can. It sends good vibes to people around you and looks better than a pout.  In Proverbs 15:13, the bible says your smile is a billboard of your happiness! And happiness is an antidote to sickness.  

2) Be kind. It’s not the doctor, nurse, spouse, kid, co-worker, bestie or whoever else’s fault that we’re sick. Truthfully, if we have to pick a beef with anyone, it’s God! He’s sovereign and before it passes through our lives, it passes through his hands. Kindness doesn’t mean over-active friendliness. It’s just not being a jerk. Besides, in Proverbs 14:21, the bible says, “if you wanna be happy, be kind!” It’s a great chain: kindness leads to happiness, happiness leads to healthiness.

3)  Sometimes say, “Sorry,” but always say, “Please,” and “Thank you.” I might get some push back on this, but sometimes it’s just nice to say sorry to the people who are tirelessly tending to you. It just lets them know you know. Always say, “Please,” and “Thank you.” Never omit them from your sick body! In Proverbs 16:24, the bible says, “kind words are GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH!” Maybe part of our healing is in our kind words!

4) Watch funny (decent!) stuff.  It’s good to laugh when you’re sick. It gets your mind off your matters and your matters off your mind.  AND it’s biblical! When I’ve been sick I watch reruns of Seinfeld, and movies like Dumb and Dumber.  In Genesis 21:6, the bible says, “God’s brought me laughter and everyone who hears will laugh WITH me.” That verse says it all!  Your happiness can become others.’

5)  Read the Happiest Book on Earth: the Bible.  People and things can entertain you, distract you, comfort you, but what do you have at 3am when neither are around and you’re potentially at your sickest? If you are IN God’s word you will always HAVE God’s word. Read God’s word and watch God’s words minister to you when you need it the most. The bible says in Romans 7:22, “my inner being delights in your Law.” BOOM!


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