22041377bfcbcad4fddb4a6799c19fc5Last year I read, “Abba’s Child,” by Brennan Manning. I gotta be honest, the title wasn’t sexy, but it came highly recommended, so I jumped in.  In chapter 4, the author gave up a new term: “indiscriminate compassion.” To explain this, he used a metaphor:  “is it possible for a rose to say, ‘I’ll offer my fragrance to good people but withhold it from bad people?'” Of course, the ultimate example of this, was Jesus hanging with indiscriminate compassion on a cross. There was no asterisk of names who were excluded from this. No one didn’t “make the cut.” No one was “too bad” to die for. I have been horribly judgmental of certain people and things, in past and present. Indiscriminate compassion doesn’t do this. It looks at ALL, the almost perfect, the grossly evil, and every person in between and when given the chance–has compassion. Our heart was not created to hold the weight of judgement for others. If it were, we would be God. Only God has perfect, equal distribution of judgement and pardon. When you think about it, we kinda get the easy job, to simply love indiscriminately, like the roses!

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