imageI’ve heard it said, “Pray is the least you can do.” But I’d say it’s often (if not always) the most we can do. Let’s say there’s a family who has an addict who has stolen, manipulated, scared and hurt the family for years. Experts would say we don’t want to give them money, lest it feed their addiction. Boundaries would say not let them in your home, lest their addiction unleash in front of vulnerable family members. Love would say not give them what they need every time, lest we contribute to their enabling. Wisdom would say read books and seek counsel. But what if these options have been exhausted? What if these options made matters worse? What if the addict doens’t want you exercising these options? Then I’m inclined to conclude prayer IS STILL my option. Thereby, in this case, not being the least I can do, but the most. When we go to God and pray for someone, two things happen. One, we may be the ONLY one who is praying for them–making our prayer not just a privilege but a responsibility. Oh, that I would pray for others who ask me to like I’m the only one in the world who is!  But two, prayer ushers the Savior of the World into a situation we can not save. It brings the sovereign to the broken. The Most High to the most low. It sets captives free. It breaks chains. I’ve seen this myself and the Bible tells me so.  So next time someone says, “Just pray, it’s the least we can do.” Pray….but also join me in knowing it’s actually more.

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