A basic example of insecurity is when I was in middle school. I was deathly afraid of being unliked so I would do things (I thought) would make me popular. Consequently, I polarized myself because people didn’t want to be friends with a show-off, bragger, big mouth or cheater. My insecurity got the best of me…

Looking back, I learned my insecurity was rooted in a FEAR of being unliked. Maybe that isn’t yours, but consider these:
>Fear of being wrong and a need to be right
>Fear of failure so I’m obsessed to succeed
>Fear of people knowing the real me so I pretend to be someone
>Fear of not getting the credit so I downplay contributions of others
>Fear of people rejecting me so I tell people what they want to hear
>Fear of conflict so I avoid all of them
>Fear of disappointing others so I never say no
>Fear of looking weak so I puff myself up
The common denominator is these insecurities start with “fear.” But, we don’t have to be insecure! Don’t think for a second you have to settle for that with yourself. If you walk with God, you have a KING in your heart and a CROWN on your head. You can walk secure. A security in WHO you are and WHOSE you are is bibilical and Christ-like! (Jesus knew who He was and whose He was, and this was godly because He was without sin!) If we get into insecurity…with God…we can get out. If you have fear, see if it’s hooked to one of these insecurities and tackle it! Prayer + Books have helped me a lot! The following are my 3 favorite books for insecurity:
1) For everyone: Search for Signficance by Robert McGee
2) For women: So Long, Insecurity by Beth Moore
3) For men: A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards


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