I love play-doh! I started playing with play-doh in 1979 and the distinct aroma of a fresh new tub of it has never left my nose-memory!  I got to thinking: life’s like a tub of play-doh. We’re born (the container is opened) and there we are….a lump of play-doh on the table. And the times I’ve let the world mold me, I felt like the world looked at me and askimageed, “What’s that suppose to be?” But the times when I’ve let GOD mold me–the world still looked–but they didn’t need to ask.  They knew what they were seeing: something wonderfully molded in the image of Him (Psalm 139). When God makes something out of us, there are no questions, there is no uncertainty. Oh, sure, God’s had to REmold me. He’s even had to put me through the Play-Doh “Dr. Drill and Fill” set a few times (who remembers that?!).  But when we let God be the hands that molds the play doh, two great things happen on His table: we become a one-of-a-kind to the world and we become His masterpiece within ourselves.

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