W3jlf45459252sThere are questions I want answers to. I mean, they are pressing. As in, pressing in on the walls of my brain. Like, the questions are the vice, and my brain is in between.  Left to themselves, these unanswered questions can leave me restless during the day, and sleepless at night. “Why did she…?” “Why did he…?” “Why did it…?” Do you have questions you want answers to? I’ll confess I’ve spent too much time letting them be on “repeat,” in my head. If it is possible to exhaust a prayer with these questions, I’d be guilty as charged.  I needed to abate these questions and lay them down.  There were two things I discovered in God’s word that gave me the inspiration to do so.  The first is in Romans 12:2, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” God has given us the ability to change by “resetting” our thoughts. If there is something that is on repeat in my head, and it’s distracting, depressing or deviating me from God as my focus, it needs to be reset. And I (and you) can do that with God. The second thing that spoke to me is actually sprinkled throughout the bible. Some of the most honorable poeple in the bible asked questions–to God no less–and didn’t get answers. See, Moses, David, Elijah, Job and Jesus himself, who were holier than I, had it tougher than I, accomplished more than I AND made it into the bible, asked questions and didn’t get answers. Yet they fulfilled God’s purposes on Earth and ARE in their glory in Heaven. If you are at a precipice like I am with questions, we have a choice. We can go one way and make it our mission to find answers. Or, lay them down and go the other way, and fulfill our God-given mission. I’d be encouraged to know I’m not the only one choosing the latter. If you’re in this with me, let me know! Let’s pray together as we journey onward!

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