One time on a trip to NYC, I went to an artisan flea-market. It was incredible to see the trash others had disposed, become treasure by the artists who found it. Pictured here is a ring I bought made out of a vintage typewriter “H” key. I bougimageht it because it was a cool piece of art “treasure.” But I also bought it to serve as a reminder that I’m God’s treasure. Longggggggg before I was born, He created me, named me, destined me and called me to my mom’s belly, to be his treasure to Earth and someday, Heaven. Now in my lifetime, I’ve had three people speak trash over me. (Note: actions may speak louder than words, but words can hurt longer than actions.) In their influence, they spoke against my potential and redemption. But GOD said (and STILL says), “Anyone who belongs to Christ is a new person. The past is forgotten.” So when I look at this trash-to-treasure ring, I’m reminded that people can speak “trash” over us, but it doesn’t matter…because before they were ever around…God declared us treasure! And in the words of the great theologian, MC Hammer: You can’t touch that!

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