W3jlf45459252sI got to thinking about the time when I asked Jesus into my heart. It sounds weird, anatomically impossible and too simple. But that’s how it was explained to me on the day I did. And I understood it.  I was four years old and my Dad asked if I wanted Jesus to come into my heart, and I said, “YES!” But today, my wandering thoughts went to the fact that we invite Jesus into our hearts–but what that really means–is we ask him into every part of our lives. Lever 2000 is a soap that has advertised itself as a soap for “all 2000 parts.” Yea, Jesus is like that, when we invite him into our hearts, we ask him to be a part of all 2000 parts. Some of you don’t know Him this way. I can say this: Jesus is a gentleman. He stands at the door and knocks, though He holds the key. He waits for an invitation. But at the point of invite, He enters our lives, entirely, and leaves no part out. When I rededicated my life to Jesus in my late teens, I had a lot of bad parts. I had eyes that saw things I should’t have seen; a mouth that cussed; a mind that cursed my existence, and God’s. I had feet that wandered to places they had no business being. But Jesus forgives and fills every part with his grace. I hope you know Jesus. And I hope you know that no part of you is bad enough for Jesus to leave out. He loves all of you.

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