portada_no_fear_by_l0kaThere are many comforting bible verses that help us with fear.  One that’s grown on me is Luke 12:32, “Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.”  This fear-verse speaks to me because of two insignificant words in it: “little,” and “kingdom.” First, “little.” God knows I feel little when I am afraid or anxious. The big fear outgrows my littleness. It becomes so big, that the fear moves from a thought in my mind, to a manifestation in my body (i.e., heartburn, headache, insomnia) and this should not be.  God knows we feel little when we’re afraid. But God is not little. God is big. God is bigger than your fear, the enemy causing it and you! So tell the devil where to go, and tell your mind what I tell mine: “fear, you are not my master because Jesus is my Savior!”  The second word is “kingdom.” We’re afraid? Shouldn’t we be condemned for this? Shouldn’t God discipline us for our lack-o-faith?  This verse tells me that God doesn’t take from us, He GIVES! And not only is He gonna give me something if I keep going in spite of my fears–He’s gonna give me something BIG: a kingdom! So if you feel afraid, and your fear is making you feel little, take heart. God’s got you, and He’s gonna GIVE you something BIG. So hang on, hold on, don’t give up. You’ve got a kingdom waiting for you!

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