Tomorrow evening, Hurricane Matthew will strike our state. On many levels, it’s stressful; and if you’ve ever been through a hurricane, laden with “what if’s.” For me, it presents a simple spiritual test  with one question on the paper:
Heather, do you trust me?  Circle one:  yes     no
The bible tells us, “The LORD is my strength and my defense,” “Come to me…my burden is light,” and “I am with you always.”  Although I believe God can give us more than we can handle, I don’t think He leaves us hanging with it. I believe that when/if He gives us more than we can handle, WITH Him, we can handle it. Back in 2005, when Hurricane Wilma hit, I was a mom of a baby and a toddler. Raul was out of town. I had my blind mother-in-law and my little brother. I also had no provisions, no electricity, and no water. So if God called prior to Wilma coming, and itemized all the stress I’d endure, I woulda said, “Find someone else, this chic’s not capable.” But that’s why I’m not God. And that’s hurricane relief! We don’t have to measure out how much we can handle.  We don’t have to worry about leaning on our own strength. We might think we can’t handle anymore…but that (thankfully!) isn’t our call.  In every crisis, when WE think we can’t handle anymore, we just need to rest in God and let Him make the calls.  I will never look forward to hurricanes, but this time, I look forward to resting in God. He’s in charge of my life, and the hurricanes. He’s in charge of the beginning and ending of every storm.  He knows what lessons we need to learn in them. His hand is upon our lives and His handprint is upon our hearts. Trust Him in the hurricane.

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