img_8785I was thinking about something while leaving Orange Theory Fitness. On the final leg of our 25-minute cardio circuit, we were challenged to go a “bonus” round. Now let me pause for a little background… I’ve never played an organized sport in my life. So I’ve never been athletically benched, disqualified or beat. Conversely, I’ve never experienced team-victory, triumph or comeback. (That’s why none of my posts are about my “athleticism.” LOL!) Back to today…For the bonus-challenge, I was gonna pass, figuring, “Who’d care anyway? It’s just me against myself.” When I heard on the mic, from across the gym, my name: “Good, Heather!” And with that, I kept going. All Nicole said was my name. That’s all it took to not quit. God knows your name. He’s in the stands with millions of angels and biblical giants, believing in you. And the lap in your life where you want to quit, you won’t, because you’ll hear God say your name in your soul: “Go [insert name, here]!!” In life, we don’t quit until we finish the race…the Bible tells us so! So keep going – keep running – keep your eyes on the finish line. And keep your ears attune to your biggest Fan (GOD!!) saying your name.

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