admin-ajax-phpI’m going through the book of Job, and my study-bible noted one of the life-lessons Job learned was this: knowing God is better than knowing answers …. WOW.
Throughout Job, he loses his money, children, friends, property, influence, and health. Although he does not curse God, he does wrestle, “God, why?” We all do. We all go through things and as it is approaching, as we go through it, and after it’s over, we wrestle, “God, why?” It is a legit question because we are not God and are limited to such finite explanation and reasoning. But that is why I have only deepened my relationship with God. I may not know “why,” but I know God does. Although God often doesn’t let us know, He’s still our God who knows. He’s still our God worth trusting because He holds the “why”…and He holds us. He holds us so close, that He loves us more than we love ourselves. One more thought: there are many times God has not answered “why,” but each time, I have known WHO. And if the WHO is the keeper of the “why” and He’s the WHO who took death on a cross for me in the most brutal, unconditionally loving way, then I’m sticking with Him.

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