photoA few years ago, Andy’s dentist experience had him trembling, wincing, clutching and resisting, as they pulled a tooth without any numbing injection. DJ (see pic) finally got to the point where he couldn’t look any more. So he turned and faced the corner. Sometimes love has to look away. There’s a heart-wrenching moment in the bible when Jesus was on the cross and cried out to God, “why did you forsake me?” I am not a biblical scholar but I would surmise that Jesus felt like God looked away. And maybe, as Jesus took on all the sin of the world, God did. But nobody loved Jesus more than God. But sometimes? Love has to look away. I’ve watched good, godly parents turn in their addicted, suicidal and even criminal children. As the authorities took their child away–in their undeniable love–they looked away. We can love others so much that to look at them in their suffering or struggle can render us useless. But to hold on to them and keep looking at them might prevent the best from happening. God the Father had to let His Son die on the cross. I had to let Andy’s tooth be pulled. Sometimes love has to look away. But for Jesus, it took him from a cross on Earth, to a throne in Heaven–and you and me from our wretched sinful lives, to eternal forgiveness and freedom. Love does that.


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