img_0437Last night I got to go to prison with our CBG God-Behind-Bars team, and tonight I get to go back. You might think it’s nuts that I love being there. I wish I could explain why to you, but I’m still trying to understand why myself.  So last night, I was praying and thinking how I could pitch a reason why these women should invite someone else.  I know the biblical reasons, and the reasons we give non-inmates. But what is the incentive–if at all–to have one prisoner invite another prisoner to a church service in a prison?  Two words: chain reaction. By definition a chain reaction is: a reaction that results in a product necessary for the continuance of the reaction.  In the bible, Paul experienced a prison chain-reaction. While he was in prison with Silas, they introduced the JAILER, (yes, the jailer, i.e., warden!) to Jesus, who introduced his entire household (yes, ENTIRE household) to Jesus. Now that’s a chain reaction–because in Heaven, right now as I type this is Paul, Silas, the jailer, his family, his family’s family, his servants, his landscaper, his babysitter…!  And where did it start? In JAIL! These girls have walls AROUND them, but they have wide-open spaces in their hearts for Jesus to work THROUGH them. They have a freedom IN them to start a chain reaction that won’t change their exact location but WILL change somebody’s eternal destination!  If you have Christ in your heart, you have the greatest gift of all, available to all, to share with all, til all have heard!  May the chain-reaction start with screwed up people like you, me and them! 

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