img_0414I remembered the last place I had my wedding bands and diamond engagement ring. It was Wednesday, December 4, 2013, early afternoon, in this pictured parking lot. So the next morning, before the stores opened, I retraced my steps to the lot. Sure enough, scattered on the ground, were two of the wedding bands. However the solitaire diamond engagement ring of fourteen years and the other wedding band were nowhere to be found. I called the managers of the shops in the plaza. They were kind and understanding. I called the police to file a missing-property report, and the empathizing operator said she’d say a prayer. I knew as I prayed for my rings’ return, a blog post would ensue–but had hoped it would be an answered-prayer post. It’s not. What do you do when you lose something special? I learned there are two things to pray and one thing not to do. The one thing I wouldn’t do is let this mess become everybody’s drama. It’s my carelessness, my ring, my loss. And though I shared it with a few people, I kept boundaries on my emotions and perspective on my circumstances. Two things I prayed were, “God, please help me find these rings,” and “God, if it’s not meant to be found, please let it be in the hands of someone who needs it.” I wish I had a happy ending. But if you’ve lost something recently (I emphasis “someTHING” not “someONE”) I pray this encourages you today.

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