af76dcdfed62fbab589d6db4571f75eaLove suffers long,” 1 Corinthians 13:4

I sat in my car before going up to the hospital room. I was praying God would give me the words to say, and the ears to listen. On the radio was a message about love. Not the romantic love between you and someone you are fond of. Not the tough love, where you detach and put up boundaries. Not the neighborly love, where you love people the way you love yourself. Rather, the kind of love where someone doesn’t deserve it or can’t return it. The King James bible calls this, “Love suffers long,” (1 Corinthians 13:4) What that means in our everyday vernacular is…
LOVE: This “love” I have for you, is an attachment. I am attached to you, so I can’t act like I don’t see you. I can’t drown out my love for you. This love can’t abandon you. Because we are attached, via blood, covenant, or conviction.
SUFFERS: This “suffering” I have for you, is willing to join you where you are, no matter where it is. In my suffering, I become blind, deaf, mute to what you’ve done or are doing, and my HEART is my guide for you. My mind and body may struggle, but my heart is still in this.
LONG: This “long” I have for you means I can’t put a timer on it. I have to take off my watch, and surrender it to God’s WILL. If I have to love you for a considerable amount of space, it means I won’t be too far away. If I have to love you for a considerable amount of time, it means I will be patient for you.

God inspired Paul to write “love suffers long” because it’s what God does for us everyday. He always loves us, He suffered for us, and He will do it for all time and space from Genesis 1 to never-ending. God inspired Paul to write this because it is what love does when one doesn’t deserve love back, and God knows, that WITH HIM this kind of love IS POSSIBLE. You can’t love that person back who doesn’t deserve it…and you don’t need to. If you make yourself available to him, God will through you. How do I know? I did it that whole day in the hospital room for someone who couldn’t return it. Listen, I’m not that great. I’m not that nice of a person, I can be moody, hypocritical and insecure. So I avail myself to God who is 100% pure, possible love. I get out of the way, and let His love suffer long, through me.

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