imageResolutions. I don’t make them anymore, because I don’t keep them! But the New Year is a good reset button, and keeping in step with that, I am praying for restitution. By definition, restitution is, “the act of giving back something that has been lost or stolen.’ No sooner did I look up that definition than I recalled a bible verse where GOD declares the same. In Joel 2:25, God says, “I will give you back what you lost.” That’s restitution! Instead of resolving to gain something on my own in the New Year, I am praying for God to restitute something I lost last year. As I reflect on last year, there was some connectivity and bonding lost with some family members. As I head into 2017, I am praying for God to restore that. If God said this in the bible 4000 years ago, and I believe in the bible and I believe in God, then if it is His will, I believe God can bring restitution. So that’s what I’m praying for! What did you lose in 2016? A comeback? A battle? Joy? Health? Dependability? Commitment? Church? A relationship? Perhaps there are things we lost in 2016; but with God, restitution can be found in 2017. Furthermore, the bible says in James 4, “You don’t have ’cause you don’t ask.” So in 2017, I’m asking for restitution!

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