Sometimes I read verses that spin like a chicken in a rotisserie oven. Then, after while, my mind beeps that it’s done, and God serves a plate of good insight! I don’t wanna keep the plate to myself–so let’s have it, together! The verse that had this effect on me, was Isaiah 44:5, “Some will write the Lord’s name on their hands.” This is what I gleaned…
1) Hold people in an open palm. They aren’t our people to begin with. They are God’s precious, priceless, irreplaceable kids. People are not our possessions, they are God’s gift. An open palm with people, makes it less painful when God needs us to let them go.
2) I like the idea of writing God’s name on my palm because God wrote my name in his book before I was born AND didn’t erase it after I had done many bad things. To pen his name on my palm is metaphoric and significant.
3) If I write God’s name on my palm, it’s approximately where He sacrificed his life when they drove a nail through each one. NOTHING I go through from others will EVER compare to what He did for me. His name on my palm keeps that perspective from fading.
4) When gifts are proverbially taken away, i.e., kids move, friends leave, jobs eliminated, identity lost, pets pass…if I clutch them, the loss is worse. If I keep an open-palm in the loss, I still have the name above all name’s to hold on to.

Total random thoughts from one verse. But gotta admit, a satisfying meal!

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