On many famous accounts, God displayed his love in epic ways: parting a sea in half, sending a rainbow to a family, raising Jesus from a tomb. But what I love so much about God is He not only displays his love in epic ways, but through small moments:  a deaf man, a paralyzed man, a girl in adultery, a virgin with child.  Have you ever noticed the insignificance of these people? In the bible and in human history, they weren’t given names, national holidays or photo-cred. God didn’t pick celebrities to display his love and perform these miracles. He didn’t pick the ones with the most “likes” and “follows.” Out of 22 miracles Jesus performed, 20 came from insignificant backgrounds. In this world, we often have to be “somebody.” But in Christ, we already are. You don’t need to beef up, clean up or puff up. You just ARE, and God loves you right from there. I was never popular as a kid. I don’t know what it’s like to be “most likely to succeed,” class president, or prom queen. But I do know what it’s like to be recklessly, unconditionally, emphatically loved by God.  You may feel small in your corner of the world, but to God?  You’re his universe. You’re his first choice. You’re his favorite one of you.  If you were the only small, insignificant one on Earth, you would have been worth dying for on the cross.  You may feel small in your eyes, but you are the biggest focus of His. I hope this encourages someone today.

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