Hey Everybody! I’m excited to reveal my new blog! Huge thank you to my web designer (and friend of ten years) Stacie Castleberry!  Since I started blogging ten years ago, I subscribe to the notion that design-change is good; content should be consistent! So I’ll still do my 1-minute daily posts, but with this new look. Let’s celebrate with a giveaway-contest! There are two ways to enter:
1) subscribe to my blog: enter your name and email in the subscribe box to your right
2) if you’re already subscribed, refer my blog to someone: email someone the link (wondherful.com) and cc: me in the email (heather@wondherful.com)

On Wednesday’s PM-post, I’ll draw from all the entries and the winner will recieve a $100 Visa gift card. Eazy Peazy! Whoop! Whoop!

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