During my school years, I was deathly afraid of being unliked so I would do things (I thought) would make me popular. Consequently, I polarized myself because people didn’t want to be friends with a show-off, bragger, big mouth or cheater. My insecurity got the best of me…
Looking back, my insecurity was rooted in a FEAR of being unliked. Maybe that isn’t yours, but consider these: fear of failure, fear of people knowing the real you, fear of not getting credit, fear of people rejecting you, fear of conflict, fear of disappointing others, fear of looking weak. What do these insecurities have in common? Fear.  But we don’t have to be afraid, and we don’t have to be insecure. Don’t ever buy the lie that fear and insecurity are “just part of life.”  The bible promises and proves that we are made in the image of God. God is confident and secure, so we are born to be, too.  When Queen Elizabeth walks into a room, she isn’t an awkward and fragile wall-flower. She is a poised and secure royal! But she’s just an earthly queen. We have THEE ETERNAL KING down here; building a castle for us up there.  If we have Jesus, we have a KING in our heart and a CROWN on our head, we better walk like it!  And if we got ourselves into insecurity…with God…we can get ourselves out of it. If you have fear, see if it’s hooked to one of these insecurities and fight it! Prayer + Books have helped me a lot! The following are my 3 favorite books for getting rid of insecurity:
1) For everyone: Search for Signficance by Robert McGee
2) For women: So Long, Insecurity by Beth Moore
3) For men: A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards
I hope this enCOURAGEs someone today!


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