I had just moved to Florida, when my future husband invited me to go on his family’s boat.  As a Chicagoan, I had never been on an ocean nor in a boat.  As we cruised the Florida coast, I was impressed by the boat-savviness of his nephews, Thomas and Mark (who were only six and four, respectively).  With nautical confidence, they navigated, steered, anchored, swam and snorkeled on their own! By contrast, I sat glued to my seat, as if made of fiber-glass, myself.  Our destination was a retired lighthouse in the middle of ocean-nowhere.  As if boating and snorkeling weren’t enough for this virgin-of-the-sea, now there was no land in sight and nowhere for my feet to touch ground.  As I worked to stand up, his nephews had already jumped overboard for a barracuda-hunt! Mark and Thomas, albeit young, were captains of this sea, and captains over me!  They instructed, “Just stay near the boat and hold onto the line, then you won’t have to get scared.”  See, there was a line fastened to the boat that extended into the water.  As Mark and Thomas snorkeled under sea, they always made sure the line was within their grasp.  When they needed a break, they emerged and held onto the line. That day, I learned something about captains: they aren’t made by age, as much as they’re made by experience.  *Segue, please* Just because Jesus was only “here” for 32 years, doesn’t mean we can’t trust Him to be our Captain.  He was (and is) God, who CHOSE to come to us, for a period of time to experience humanity to its fullest, then sinlessly sacrifice himself for our sinfulness.  When Jesus experienced ridicule, He sinlessly turned the other cheek.  When He experienced temptation, He sinlessly resisted.  When He was upset, He sinlessly managed his emotions.  When He was crucified, He sinlessly forgave.  He has earned the position of Captain.  In Matthew 14,  Jesus walked on water.  While his friends feared for their lives on a boat, Jesus captained to Peter, “Come!” Peter did, and was rescued from his own drowning because he trusted the captain.  Jesus is my Captain too.  I trust Him, implicitly: in my life, with my weaknesses, through my storms. I hope you know the Captain, too.


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