Today I “stumbled” across a verse I don’t recall noticing before (God’s winking). Daniel 12:3 says, “Those who are wise will shine as bright as the sky, and those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever.” I wanna talk about the latter part, because that’s the part that got me in two ways. First, it slapped me for times I aspired to be a “star” in my own right: self-promotion, humble-brags, the worship of “likes” and “follows.” It was a wake-up call to say, “those are not the kind of stars I want you to be.” But secondly, this verse lifted me. Maybe we’re not who we dreamed of being – but maybe it’s because God has more in store. Maybe the “star” God wants us to be is one that is too bright to shine on Earth.  Maybe God wants us to be stars BEYOND the temporary status, fame, and stardom only a world can contain. Maybe we are unknown eternal stars in-waiting. Maybe you are God’s star, and one day you’ll shine forever and never lose your starryness. How do we become that kind of star? This verse tells us: lead others to righteousness. How do we do that? By doing right things–even when it hurts, even when it’s hard, even when no one’s noticing.  I don’t know if you had childlike dreams to be a star, like I did. And now we’re adults wondering what happened!  But take heart. Quietly in your soul, where no one is watching, tuck in this verse. Continue to do the right thing, to help others do the same. And one day (and forever) you’ll shine like the star you were truly born to be….God’s.

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