This morning I woke up thinking about a message I’ve done on the infamous bible story about the bleeding woman, (Luke 8/Mark 5/Matt. 9). I thought about it long enough to come up with a new spin for a new post. The bible teaches she had a (constant) bleed for twelve years. For all the female readers, that’s having a period for 4,380 days. She tried finding cures, but after spending all she had, she only got worse. Long story short, Jesus came to town and she was like “if I could just touch the fringe of his robe I could be healed!” What faith! She didn’t need a one-on-one appointment with Him. She didn’t need to see his face; she didn’t need him to lay hands on her; she didn’t need his acknowledgement, attention or pity. She had enough faith to know that “just a fringe” of Jesus was just enough.  And if you know the story, you know it was.  Maybe we aren’t bleeding for twelve years on the outside. But I was wondering if any of us have been bleeding for years, on the inside? It’s time to stop. It’s time for you, like her, to have enough faith to step out and take “just a fringe.” What’s a “fringe” of Jesus’ robe look like today? Maybe it’s making ONE Christian counseling appointment. Maybe it’s going to church more than ONCE a month. Maybe it’s accepting Jesus into your bleeding heart, in the first place. Jesus shed ALL of his blood on the cross for us–we don’t have to bleed from emotional, mental or relational pain ALL of our lives. What is the “fringe” of Jesus you can–by faith–reach out for today? To get help? To get healing? To stop the bleeding, and hear Jesus say, “Child, your faith has made you well. Go in peace.”

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