You know what occurred to me about old phones? Due to the rotary dialing feature, it took much longer to connect. Today, we would find this highly frustrating and inconvenient. But in a peculiar way, maybe it was better? Back then, the time it would take to dial each of the seven or ten digits and get connected, was time to gather thoughts before connecting and speaking. The rotary phone actually lended itself to patience, breath, pause, and even prayer. When I can’t hear God, do you think it’s cause I’m expecting immediate cell-phone service out of Him? Because maybe He doesn’t operate on that kind of “fiber-optic line” with me. Maybe God’s still running the universe His original way.  And it’s not that He can’t respond to me, it’s just that He’s connecting with me HIS way. God said in Ecclesiastes, “there is a time for everything.”  As I learn (yet again) to wait on God, I’m reminded that He’s always there, He’ll never unplug the connection between us. But maybe I need to go back to the original way of connecting with Him. Sometimes the way it was is His Way it should be. 🙂

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