It’s one of the biggest questions in life. How do godly people hurt others? I’d make it the 8th Wonder of the World if I was in charge. But it happens. It’s happened to me, I’ve caused it to happen to others, and it will happen to me again. Although there are many tips, verses, and resources I could include in this post, let’s just take one mini-bite outta it. Several years ago, when I was hurt by godly people, someone recommended a book called “Exquisite Agony.” It’s a short, unassuming book, that beheld the biggest revelation of my adult life. In short, I had to learn to adjust my gaze–not on my hurters around me, but on the Holy one above me (who’s sovereignty knew it was gonna happen). The God I love and the God my hurters love is a sovereign God and nothing happens by his “oops.” So if others hurt me, God knew, God knows and God allowed. This was HUGE for me. It allowed me to reroute my pain and anger OFF the ones who caused it and ON the One who could do something about it. Why do godly people hurt us? Who knows. But when they do, trust God with ALL YOU GOT. Walk with HIM every step of your healing days. Consult with him, cry to him, and yes, even get mad and ask, “Why?!” And then, one day like Joseph, you will be able to say, “you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good.” THIS is what makes the agony…exquisite.

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